Playing Catchup…

Well, hey.

So, last time I was pretty darn convinced I’d have gone back over 15st, remember? And here is what happened that week…

week 99… 0.5lb on…. total loss 129.5lb

Well, not quite as bad as I thought then. And I did find that a relief. I then gave myself a big ol’ kick in the beehind and a stern talking to. And by the Wednesday evening had lost the will once more. However, that time, I picked myself up and started again on the Thursday. And then…

week 100… 1.5lb off… total loss 131lb!

week 101… 1lb off… total loss 132lb!

And that brings us right up to date as of yesterday evening’s weigh in. I’m not saying I’ve been following the plan to the letter – or even to the whole word – but I’m certainly following one heck of a lot more closely than I was the couple of months before. And I’m counting points again, which is something I really hadn’t been doing.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what it is that has been standing in my way recently – I mean, obviously it’s me and my attitude, but I can’t put my finger on the problem for long enough to get it figured out and sort it. Annoying, yes. Continuing, I hope not. I do have a feeling it has something to do with the length of time this journey has been going on for. Almost 2 years now, and realistically that’s a pretty darn long time to be concentrating so much on the same thing. I guess that something must be clicking though, or during the last couple of months I’d probably have put a lot more on. So I must have changed my habits a fair bit I suppose.

I need to find the motivation and enthusiasm again. And I need you guys to stick with me, even through my being totally pants phases. Your support does help, a lot. I am so very grateful.

Hugs to all! Thanks for reading,

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I have a confession to make…

I really do. It’s not good, and not pretty, but here it is.

Last week… week 98… 5lb on…. total loss 130lb (again)

Really. 5lb. Quite an achievement really, but not the sort I am hoping to replicate too often at all. I know exactly why – it’s because all my good intentions went out the window by Wednesday night, and I shut the door on any willpower I may have let in accidentally. And unfortunately I did it again this week, so goodness only knows what’s going to happen when I jump on the scale later.

Second thoughts, best not jump on the scale, I might break it. I’ll step on gently. One foot at a time.

I am now 14st 13lb. And chances are when I get weighed later I’ll be back over 15st. So please forgive me if I’m really cranky. It’s not you, it’s me – and it’s my own damn fault.

I’ll let you know what happens later. And tomorrow morning I am going to the gym come hell or high water. High water is unlikely to stop me – I live quite high on a hill.

Thanks for being there

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It’s been all a bit weird here…

Recently I’ve been having a very strange time. I’ve been feeling really down, and for no reason I could actually pinpoint. Life has seemed like it should be pretty good, given that I’m basically getting to be in good health, I live in a fabulous place and I love my family and friends – they’re awesome. And quite randomly and completely out of the blue I am in a relationship with a pretty great man. But don’t tell him that, his ego can’t take any more praise. Plus, not too long ago I got the most incredible bed in the world. It has a tv in the end that comes up at the touch of a button – so much for not having a tv in the bedroom!

But still, I’ve been generally not very happy. And my weight loss journey has reflected that. The very fact that I’ve not posted anything here about it should be an indication that it’s not been going well. Before I continue, here’s the lowdown…

week 93… don’t have a clue! Didn’t go to the weigh in

week 94… 0.5lb on… total loss 133lb

week 95… 2lb on… total loss 131lb

week 96 (last but one)… 0.5lb off… total loss 131.5lb

So there we have it. As I said, the journey has reflected my feelings quite effectively. Although I was convinced that the two weeks where I had gains were going to be far bigger than they were. I’ve not been able to find any motivation to do any exercise, and I’d not tracked anything up until this Wednesday, at the start of this week. Each week I started Wednesday off really well, then I’d hit a wall and couldn’t be bothered any more. And I had no idea why, but really didn’t care. Clearly.

Anyway, somehow, I have turned a corner. I have been really good about tracking everything this week, and I’ve been walking everywhere as well, at a sensible pace mostly. I’m really starting to feel like I may have got back on track. And this week’s weigh in seems to be reflecting that…

week 97… 3.5lb off… total loss 135lb!

I’m not going to get all complacent about it, after all, I know that it’s so easy to fall off the wagon and end up on the gaining side of things, but it’s a step in the right direction. And now I just have to keep it up!

Plenty of walking, and getting back into the gym are my plans for this week. Wish me willpower!

Thanks for reading.

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I didn’t go to the weigh in yesterday. I do have a really good excuse – I’m practically on the other side of the country and there wasn’t a meeting nearby that I could get to. So the plan all along has been to go to today’s meeting instead, which is something I’ve done a few times, and it always seems to go ok.

But I’m rebelling against the system. I’m not gonna go. I’m making a stand (although right now I’m sitting down because it’s easier to type sitting down) and I’ve decided I’m not weighing in until next week. I can tell what you’re thinking, and it certainly isn’t “but no one else cares if you weigh in or not. The only person you’re rebelling against is yourself.” – I know that you’re thinking “You go girl!! Show that system what you’re made of!”

Problem is, now I’m thinking about it way too much. I know that realistically all I’m doing by not weighing in is perpetuating my biggest flaw – the one where I “find reasons” – and for that read “make excuses” – for anything I am afraid of, really want to avoid or am just too lazy to be bothered (this is the point at which I really wish people I know didn’t read this blog!). I am fully aware that if I don’t go to the weigh in today I’ll probably end up giving up on this week already and next Tuesday when I do weigh in I’ll have  had a gain and be disappointed in myself.

And I am pretty sure that the point at which I made the decision to not weigh in was the same point at which I decided I really wanted a waffle and maple syrup from the breakfast buffet in this hotel this morning. Not the best time to make decisions really.

And being breakfast, it isn’t like it’s actually ruined the whole day’s points. Today is only just beginning, and I’ve pointed my breakfast. I’m basically on vegetables for the rest of the day, but at least I pointed it. After all, that’s what weekly points are for!

Darn it, I’ve never been a very effective rebel. Assuming I get out of the dentist on time – and that’s another reason the maple syrup was not my best plan – I will be heading over the town boundaries to the weigh in tonight. And if not, I’ll jump on the scales at home to give me a rough idea of what’s what.

Just thought I’d share my ramble. I know how you like it when I do that. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Thanks for reading

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This isn’t easy…

I’ve been gone a while. I said I was going to be better at writing more regularly, and instead I dropped off the face of the earth. Sorry about that. There have been some changes in my life recently and I’ve discovered I’ve actually got more to do than I thought I had. And actually less time to do it in. This is a pain to say the least. So, instead of saying I’ll be a better blogger, write more often and all the stuff you’ve heard before, I’m just going to say… hi! It’s been a few weeks. How are y’all? Doing good I hope, and enjoying life and all it throws at you?

I’m then going to get down to the dirty facts from the journey…

Loss at week 85… 125.5lb

then, week 86… 3.5lb off!… total loss 129lb!

then, week 87… 2lb on… total loss 127lb

then, week 88… 3lb off… total loss 130lb

then, week 89… stayed the same

then, week 90… 2lb off!… total loss 132lb

then, week 91… 1.5lb on… total loss 130.5lb

then, this week, week 92… 3lb off!… total loss 133.5lb (for those who don’t want to do the maths – that is 9st 7.5lb)

I am pretty much amazed by the whole up and down, over and round track this journey seems to be taking over the last few weeks. It’s very strange. And there seems to be connection between how I feel a week has gone and how it actually has gone. All I can assume is that I am finally getting to grips with the idea that if I eat more than my points allow, I have to really work at exercising it off. I’ve never been one for counting activity points, especially since the change to ProPoints, but I seem to be gaining some from the activity I do and using them to offset some of the bad days I have. And it is a conscious effort – when I know I’ve not tracked as efficiently as I should, or I do a Filling and Healthy day and perhaps over fill a bit, I do make sure I do more activity than I usually would. And this is all helped by my new hobby.

I have FINALLY done what I’ve been threatening for the last few months, and joined the gym up the road. Well, technically it’s up the road, down the road, up the next road and along a bit. Have I ever mentioned the hills that we grow very efficiently in this part of the country?

I’ve been inducted (not induced – that’s something else entirely) into the gym – shown the machines, the weights and the beautiful skinny people – and I spent 2 whole hours there doing various things that made my legs ache by the end of it. Then I tried Zumba 2 days later. Oh dear.

For those lucky people who have never experienced the latest (I assume it’s still the latest) exercise craze to sweep the world – I envy you. And it’s mental. Very technical and not for the uncoordinated. Like me. Lively is a polite word for it, and that’s what we’ll use. They shake themselves a LOT in that class. And my body is not meant to be deliberately wobbled. Especially not to that extent. Anyway, I don’t imagine I’ll be a regular at Zumba, but who knows? Times may change and I might find an enthusiastic dancing diva inside me who loves to shake her thang.

I think I am more likely to just stick with the gym itself 3 or so times a week. I really love the machines – and I find I can either just completely switch my brain off, or think things through and figure things out that have been bugging me. Plus, having paid for the whole year up front, I really do have to go at least twice a week or it’s just not worth the money. There are so many reasons to keep it up.

Well, that’s all the exciting activity news up to date, and if I’ve got anyone out there reading still, and I’ve not driven you all away with the massive amount of babble, I will let you in to a little secret. I’m being organised now. I’ve planned what I want to tell you all about in the next couple of posts, and I am even planning the time to sit down and write them. Let’s hope it works out!

Thanks for being so patient with me, and thanks for reading.

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I don’t like to admit when I have failed. I’ll happily find an excuse for anything, blame anyone else and generally skirt around the issue until I really can’t avoid admitting my own failings any more. But not this time.

I’ve failed on a few things, and this isn’t even a comprehensive list, but it’s what I’ve got…

I promised – a couple of times actually – to be a better blogger, to write here more regularly and keep y’all updated on things. And clearly, I haven’t. I’m sorry.

I keep telling myself I have to answer the really lovely messages I’ve been sent by a couple of different people, which were mainly sent at the beginning of the year, and I haven’t. Now I’m kinda scared to, because I’ve left them so long I am scared they’ll be mad at me – which is yet another excuse for not doing it. And a fear I have to conquer. To those people I have not replied to, I’m really sorry. Please don’t be too mad at me.

I’ve been a bad Weight Watcher. My journey seems to be hitting some serious road bumps. It began with the break over Christmas and hasn’t really stopped. Which is bad, because it is almost March and I really ought to have shaken myself out of it by now. That’s not to say the weight loss has stopped completely, as I type I am still down since before Christmas, but I know that I have not been doing anything I should, and have been doing a lot I shouldn’t. I’m sorry. That apology is because so many people have said I’m inspiring them, and I feel like it’s not only letting myself down, it is letting you guys down. So really, I am very sorry.

I’ve got a weigh in tonight, and I plan to share something great along with the news of how it goes, but for now, let’s get caught up on the last few weeks…

Loss at week 83… 124lb

then, week 84… 4lb off… total loss 128lb! (I was very excited – that was 9st 2lb!!)

then, week 85… 2.5lb on… total loss 125.5lb.

I was very disappointed. I honestly knew there would be a gain last week, but I was pi**ed off that it took me back to under 9st off. Still, no one to blame but myself, and quite frankly I am pretty sure that I am going to be even more pis**ed tonight when I get on the scale. And again, there will be no one to blame but myself. Which is annoying. I wish there was someone I could pin the blame on and take the guilty feelings away from me. Damn it, I hate having to take responsibility for my own actions. It is almost like being an adult, and quite frankly at the age of 33 I am not ready for that yet.

Yes, 33. I had a birthday last week. It involved cake. And alcohol. And dessert. And then more alcohol. There is a chance I took the day off from sense completely. Which would not have been a bad thing if I’d then knuckled down and tracked like a well behaved person for the rest of the week. But I didn’t. Stupid girl.

I’m not going to say that next week I will do better. I say that every time I mess up. I’m going to say that I want to do better, and I hope I find my willpower. I’m going to say that I have so many reasons for not wanting to let the bad habits that are plaguing me right now take over again, and I want to be able to stop them. I have changed, because even this time last year I wouldn’t have been able to recognise the things that are wrong, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint, as I can right now, where they are coming from. But I haven’t changed enough, because I have been not caring where the bad is coming from and I haven’t cared enough to stop it.

I want to care, I want to stop the bad habits, and I want to get back on track. And I want to bring you guys with me. I hope you’ll come along, even though we’re going through some bumps right now.

Thanks for reading.

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Doing Everything Wrong…

Well, I am very disappointed in myself this week. I put on another half pound. Which sounds like so little. But if I carry on as I have been, the new jeans I bought on Saturday, which I was so excited about, will definitely not be fitting me! So, this is the state of play right now…

Loss at week 82… 124.5lb

and this week (83)… 0.5lb on… total loss 124lb

At least it’s a round number now. That’s the silver lining, such as it is. I was doing great right up until the weekend last week. Then I seemed to just lose the will to care. It has been suggested that it’ll be easier to care once the weather warms up and there are less reasons to stay indoors, but really I don’t want to wait that long. And when I say I have been doing everything wrong, I really mean it. I’ve eaten all the dessert in sight, not tracked everything, not exercised as much as I should have, and generally just gone with any whim I have felt. Dammit.

One thing I do find strange is that this is coming right at a time when actually life is pretty darn good. I’d expect to go off the rails a bit when life is crappy, but honestly, it isn’t. Maybe that’s part of the problem though, I’m happy and settled, and not feeling like I want things to change. Which sounds very deep to me, especially when you consider that I believe I still want to change a lot. If there was ever a case to be made for me having multiple personalities I think I just added fuel to the fire.

Starting with the first day of the new week (Wednesday) I have been trying the new Filling and Healthy days that Weight Watchers “allow”. M has been giving it a go, and she loves it, plus it seems to be working out for her, so why not?! The general idea is that there is a list of foods (a massive list, and here it is) that are “free” on a filling and healthy day, and you can eat as much of them as you want until you are not hungry – at least, that is a very simplistic way of describing it. You have to really listen to your body and not overeat, which can be hard to start with. And anything you eat that’s not on the list comes out of your weekly points. As I say, I am giving it a go, just to see how it works out for me. However, tonight I am going out for dinner, and so I’ve decided to do regular point counting today to make life a bit easier. That’s one of the things that appealed about the Filling and Healthy – the fact that you don’t have to do it all week, you can pick and choose. And it’s one of the things I like about Weight Watchers, they try and teach you to make healthy choices, and to listen to your body more, rather than just blindly following a specific diet – which I’m not knocking, all sorts of things work for all sorts of people, but I know this can work for me and it’s the best and most healthy way for me to lose weight. As long as I do it properly – which I am becoming determined to do once again.

I want that 125lb loss back!!

Thanks for reading, love y’all!

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Race for Life… or “Have I lost my tiny mind?”…

I’ve finally lost it. Which will probably come as a complete surprise to anyone who knows me, as I am pretty sure you all thought I lost it ages ago, but nope, this time it’s definite. A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to do a Race for Life. Now, that’s not that exciting really, I’ve done walks of 20 miles before without even thinking about it, and this is “only” 5k – or about 3.1 miles, but the difference this time is that I intend (plan, hope, one of those, anyway) to run at least some of it. Or jog. But certainly not walk, mosey or saunter. And the plan is that I am not entirely dead at the end, and nor do I need defibrillators.

How well the plan is going to go is anyone’s guess, but I am signed up, paid up and well and truly psyched up for doing this. It’s not until July 8th, so there is plenty of time for me to lose all my enthusiasm – which no doubt will happen many times, especially as the terror starts to kick in. Terror which no doubt will be lessened by the prospect of wearing this awesome number…

I mean, seriously, how can I be terrified when I have such a stylish t-shirt in my future? I am tempted to go for the vest top version instead to be honest, but am a little concerned about scaring the world with my bingo wings. It’s not pretty, and they should be kept out of sight as much as humanly possible (slightly too much information again I am guessing!).

Anyway, doing this is another one of those things I never thought would happen. Running was always one of those things that other people – mainly crazy people – did; I always thought it was bad for you, which I actually still do because it does put a lot of pressure on your leg joints. However, I’ve been finding it really rather fun to go out for a run, although admittedly I have been slacking the last couple of weeks and haven’t really been out much at all. There is just something very satisfying about it. Weird. I’m still not doing uphill though. And I will never say never to that, but honestly I don’t see that in my future at all.

So, have I lost my tiny mind – or what was left of it? Seems likely, yes. But hey, these things happen. I’ve been looking into actual training plans, and I quite like the Couch to 5k running plan. Looks a little daunting, but I have faith. Now I just need to actually get into 3 training sessions a week regularly, rather than 1 in one week and 5 in another!

Now for the round up from the last 2 weigh ins.

Loss at week 80… 121lb

And week 81… -4.5lb… total loss 125.5lb!

Well, I was thrilled. Didn’t quite get how that happened, but thrilled nonetheless. And then I started wondering when the other shoe was going to drop, because I really didn’t think I had been good enough for a 4.5lb loss. So then..

 Week 82 (last week)… +1lb… total loss 124.5lb

Not a surprise. I did no exercise at all last week, and although I tracked everything I may not have been too good about it. So I gave myself another beating, and yesterday and so far today I have tracked everything. Even the dessert I ate last night. And I’ll track the drinks I plan to drink tonight. I feel like the switch has actually clicked back on in my head, which is weird because I don’t remember it actually clicking off, there just seemed to be nothing there to stop me from the bad habits.

Still, it does a person good to have a bit of a break. I am ashamed to admit that I’ve been so lax though, especially with everyone being so nice and enthusiastic about the journey. I kind of feel like when I do let things slide I am not only letting myself down, I’m letting the people who are supporting me down as well. And as I have such an incredible capacity for the guilt, it is no fun and makes me feel bad. Another reason I need to keep on keeping on.

One thing I would like to mention, and no doubt will plug many times between now and July, is that the Race for Life is obviously a charity event, and I would love to raise plenty of cash for Cancer Research, a really great cause. If you’d like to help out with that, I would be so grateful. You can head on over to my Justgiving page for a really easy way to sponsor me. And know that if you do, you will be responsible for not only making my smile a little wider, nor only making a difference in the fight against cancer, but also you will be responsible for making me feel obligated to see this thing through. And let’s face it, I need that!!

Love y’all

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Things I never thought would happen… Part 2

A few weeks back, I posted this post on the subject of things I never thought I would do, and since I’ve started this journey it turns out I would in fact do. If any English teachers (or anyone with a command of the language) are reading this, please feel free to rearrange that sentence into one that is less offensive to the eye. Oh my. Sorry, where was I?

Ah yes… I entitled that post “Part 1” because I figured there would be more to come. And lo! Turns out I was right. I’ve been having a think, and I figured out some other things I never really believed would ever happen in my lifetime, but have. And, lucky, lucky you, I am totally in the mood for sharing. So, here go the next few things on the list…

1. I would be sitting in a chair suspended from the ceiling.

Like this one…

These chairs have always fascinated me – who would ever want one? Why would you want to sit in something that didn’t have any means of support under you? Why in the name of all that is good and proper would ANYONE in their right mind have enough faith in the ceiling that they’d trust it with their full weight and that of the chair?

But… they have always looked kinda cool. And actually kinda comfy really. So last week at the airport, in the very fancy Virgin Atlantic lounge, when I spotted that they had not one but two of these chairs, I had a serious yearning to sit in one. And I realised that they wouldn’t have them there if they weren’t safe. So…


…really awful photo, not just from a subject matter point of view, but hey – look at me! I’m all suspended! And you know what? It was kind of comfy. Sort of nerve twinging, and not exactly the easiest chair to get into and out of. Definitely more of a trousers chair than a skirt one. But I REALLY liked it. A lot. So much that I do think I may have to look into one further for my very own house. After all, I do have a room that’s going to need furniture at some point.

2. I have a skincare routine

I look in the mirror every day. At least once. And actually really look as opposed to just kind of checking everything is still in the right place. Before I started losing weight, and for a long time after, I didn’t care what I looked like. I could never look nice, good was something beyond dreams, and even ok was never likely to happen for me. But then I started feeling better about myself, and started to consider that “ok” or maybe even “nice” were possible. And so I started to actually really look in a mirror for the first time in years. Then I decided to make an effort to improve what I saw. Suddenly the contents of my bathroom shelf have expanded by this

And I’m cleansing, exfoliating, toning. moisturizing and even beginning to consider “deep cleansing masks”. Weird. And I get my eyebrows waxed, which, very weirdly, I find relaxing. There is a chance that may have been too much information, in which case I’m sorry.

Then there is the make up. I’m turning into one of those women. The ones I never understood, who put a bit of slap on every time they leave the house. I’m not that obsessed yet, but I can see it in the future. I’m kinda hoping I’ll veer away from that path though, sounds like a lot of effort every single day.

3. I cross my legs when I sit

When you are “a certain size”, it’s just not comfortable to cross your legs. Hell, I got to the stage where it not only wasn’t comfortable, it basically wasn’t possible.

The best I could do was “man style” (ankle on knee)

But these days, I’m getting the full on ladylike parallel crossed style on. Not just knee over knee, like this lady with her fine pins is doing…

… but the “taught in deportment and modelling classes” leg cross…

I have no doubt I don’t do it nearly as elegantly as this gorgeous girly, but according to statistics it could be doing my standing among the menfolk a world of good. Probably not quite as appealing as the legs behind the head pose (which I cannot find a suitable picture for – and I suggest if you google it, keep safe search ON!), but quite frankly,

A: I can’t bend like that and don’t really want to

B: It looks weird

C: I’m not sure I want to attract that kind of man to be honest

Now, I’m not crossing my legs for any outside reason. In fact, until I started searching for leg crossing pictures I had no idea that the “parallel legs” position was appealing. I do it because I finally find it comfortable, I feel ladylike sitting like it, and honestly it’s very natural. Much like curling up on the settee is these days, and folding my legs right into my body – two other things I could never have begun to do several stone ago.

So there we have it.

Part 2 of the opus that is the things I didn’t expect to have changed about my life and yet they have during this journey. It really does amaze me how many small ways my life is changing, and how strange I find each and every small change when I really think about it.

I am sorry I’ve been so post tardy again, and especially after having made such a big deal about being a better blogger. This holiday period has really had me tied up in all sorts of different things, and I really haven’t been in the mental place to be writing anything down. I’m hoping that’ll change. And that’s not the only thing I have to change. I’ve not tracked anything since I went to France over a month ago. And It’s showing. I feel lethargic and pretty awful most of the time because my diet has been awful, and I’ve not wanted to do any exercise – so I’ve done very little. Somehow, and I don’t know how, my journey hasn’t been altered massively, but this week’s weigh in was certainly not my finest hour.

Loss at week 78 (Jan 3rd)… 122lb

and this week (week 80)… +1lb… total loss 121lb

I really am getting on track starting this week. I will track everything, and I will not be lying to myself about what’s going in any more. Plus, the running is starting again properly. Most definitely.

Thanks for being so patient with me and reading this inane babble, it really does make me so pleased to see that people do actually read this, and come back for more! And to anyone who has chosen to follow me, you rock! You’re slightly nuts, but you do rock!!

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Writer’s block…

I have writers block. It’s a problem, because I was determined to get into writing something at least once a week, post on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and be generally entertaining and boringly predictable with my regularity. So it would appear, with it being Friday now, that I have failed miserably at that one. Sorry about that. Will try to do better as the year goes on.

Later today, I’m flying out to New York for a few days. I’m really looking forward to it, New York is somewhere I have always wanted to go, and I am really looking forward to sightseeing, especially because I’m no longer scared to go up high. The Empire State and Rockefeller Centre are calling my name, and I am totally going to answer!

I’ll tell you all about it at some point, and I will make sure I start being better at blogging. Promise. But before I go, I just wanted to mention this week’s result…

Loss at week 77… 121.5lb

And this week… 0.5lb off… total loss 122lb!

Back to where I was before Christmas, so yay! Not sure how it happened, must have just been better at moderation than I though. Or done more exercise than I thought. Either way, YAY!

Thanks for reading

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